Group Descriptions

All full-day campers swim daily, have full use of our campus, attend weekly specials, participate in special events and activities and receive hot lunch every day!

Giants (3, 4 and 5 years-old)

The Giants may be our youngest campers, but they have the biggest fun! The Giants are a co-ed group with complete use of our Early Childhood facility, the large playground, and the rest of campus. Certified teachers organize the day’s activities. It’s not a small world after all at Staten Island Academy Day Camp! (Please note: 5 year-olds who will be entering Grade 1 in September 2017 will be placed in the Juniors Division.)

Giants – Half Day Program

Think your little one is not ready for a full day of camp? We have the solution - our half-day program for Giants. You can choose either the morning (9 AM – 12 PM) or afternoon (1 PM – 4 PM) program. We provide lunch in the morning program and a snack in the afternoon. All full day campers will swim. All campers have full use of our facilities and are supervised by our same experienced staff of certified teachers.

Juniors (Entering Grades 1 and 2)

Perhaps our liveliest group on campus, the Juniors are divided by gender, and keep a busy, jam-packed schedule. Look for them leading the pack on Scavenger Hunt Day or racking up the points during Olympic Week.

Intermediates (Entering Grades 3 and 4)

There is nothing “medium” about the Intermediates! This group is divided by gender and they are full speed ahead at all activities! They always seem to be at the front of any challenge, especially when candy is the prize!

Seniors (Entering Grades 5 and 6)

Energy and enthusiasm highlight this group. Senior Boys and Girls always bring their energy to the field every day and continue to shine as the leaders in the Camp Show! The highlight of being a Senior: TRIPS! of course.

Super Seniors (Entering Grades 7 - 9)

For Super Seniors, it’s “all of the above” plus a second weekly trip off-Island. All Super Senior trips and transportation costs are included in camp tuition. Trips will only be guaranteed when a camper’s application is received and paid in full two weeks prior to the trip date. Don’t miss out on the adventure that is the Super Senior experience.

Seniors and Super Seniors venture out once a week for trips such as: bowling, go-carts and ice skating. In addition, Super Seniors take off-Island trips such as: Dorney Park, Seaside Heights and new this year – Ripley’s Believe it or NOT!

Counselor in Training (Grades 9 - 11)

The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program is an exciting opportunity for young people to work alongside experienced camp staff while receiving important training in areas such as supervision, boundaries, taking initiative, sensitivity, communication, teamwork and how to handle themselves in difficult situations. Weekly workshops will teach and reinforce skills and strategies necessary for CITs to advance to a Junior Counselor staff position. Each session lasts two weeks, and CITs will be evaluated at the end of each session. Performance during their training session will be a factor in determining if and when they are ready to start work as a Junior Counselor. Employment as a Junior Counselor is not guaranteed, but we work with all CITs to support them during training if it is their goal.