Our Progress

Renaissance Campaign

The Evolution of Renaissance: A 21st Century Vision for the Academy and the Community


  • August – Renaissance starts off as an idea
  • September to December – SIA begins a Feasibility Study to test for a campaign
  • 60 study interviews with Trustees, Current Parents, Alumni, Alumni Parents, and Staff
  • Study finds excitement and support for a campaign


  • April – Established a Campaign Cabinet (Victor Avis, Joe Puma, Tim Harrison, Caroline D. Harrison, Teresa Pelosi)
  • May – Began initial briefings and solicitations
  • June –MBB Architects began assessment of campus facilities
  • October – Introduced 21st Century Building renderings
  • November – Accelerated the number of briefings and solicitations


  • March – Campaign receives more than $350,000 in new commitments
  • April – Campaign Public Announcement takes place

Campaign Milestones

  • Completed 155 campaign briefings
    • Recruited 25 volunteers
    • Made 125 solicitations
  • Through the early generosity of few, we’ve reached numerous milestones.
  • The power of your philanthropy is transforming Staten Island Academy.
  • We’ve come a long since receiving our first commitment in June….

As of today, Renaissance has raised