Our Goals

Renaissance Campaign

Success in the 21st century calls for a combination of collaboration, creative problem-solving and resilience.

GOAL 1: Build 21st Century Learning Spaces & Facilities

  • Increase the amount of space available for learning.
  • Continue to enhance our classrooms with word-class technologies.
  • create large flexible spaces for faculty meetings, guest speakers and multimedia performances.
  • provide spaces for "hands-on" and "trial and error" learning, so that students can explore problem-solving and understand that failure is temporary.
  • Include individual spaces to house student year-long projects and encourage deep research.
  • Create mor3e spaces where students can learn robotics, programming and coding.
  • Accommodate a Learning Center Hub for creative problem-solving, where students and faculty can access diverse information quickly and find comfort in solving unfamiliar problems.
  • Add differentiation pods where students can achieve mastery with support of curated technology and information from teachers.
  • Include seminar rooms with Harkness tables that allow for open inquiry discussions of current events, history, literature and the arts.
    Download the Academy's 21st Century New Facilities Plan

GOAL 2: Expand Services of the Laura Elliman Patrick '52 Academic Resource Center (PARC)

As we have already witnessed, students who work with the PARC learn to advocate for themselves and for their learning styles, which help to improve our educational environment. Because of the recent success of the resource center, siblings can stay together in the same school and students who previously struggled with academics are able to regain a love of learning. Now, because of support PARC students receive, they are fully integrated into our curriculum, and they are able to sing, eat, learn and grow together, without any form of stigma. The PARC program ensures that we can achieve the Academy's central goal - to give each and every student a voice and a sense of place in every area of their education.

GOAL 3: Increase the Financial Aid Endowment

Our goal is to provide access to every young person of talent from the New York and New Jersey area to a Staten Island Academy education, regardless of need.

A healthy endowment fund will provide Admissions Office the necessary funding to enable the Director to attract aspiring and deserving students of great potential to Staten Island Academy.

This Fund will allow us to remain highly competitive in attracting the best students in the area to the Academy.