Arts Overview

The Arts at Staten Island Academy keep our school alive with music, song, theater, and visual and digital art all year long.


The Academy curriculum includes arts study for all students at every grade level, and extracurricular opportunities in the arts abound. Thankfully, the Fine and Performing Arts Department is led by an incredible team of wonderful artists -- musicians, painters, sculptors -- who endeavor each day to bring their love of their medium to our students, the Academy family, and the greater Staten Island community.


Arts study at Staten Island Academy is rooted in the belief that children should be exposed to the arts, taught to appreciate them, and encouraged to create art with their own hands. Arts study is an integral part of constructivist teaching as students are taught to literally construct their own art pieces. Arts study begins in Pre-K with painting and drawing class, as well as music, song, and dance and continues through Grade 12 with classes like 2D and 3D Studio Art and activities like the Upper School Spring Musical. It’s important to note, too, that at the Academy, we don’t only study and appreciate the classical arts. Students learn and enjoy step, guitar, computer art, and hip-hop dance as much as they do the works of Beethoven and the paintings of Degas. They work on works as cutting-edge as In the Heights and as wonderfully classic as Fiddler on the Roof.


We believe that art is meant to be shared and that appreciating the arts is a communal activity that should involve the entire school. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and alumni are invited to every art show or performance, and most of our theatrical productions are open to the public. We invite our fellow Staten Islanders to be part of these special evenings, so come enjoy a show!