Students at the Center

From morning until night, the Staten Island Academy campus is abuzz with activity.

We have been throughout our history, and still are today, a college prep school and so our program is based on a belief that quality education takes place both inside and outside the classroom. Students may learn about teamwork inside the classroom in a workshop about the Roman Empire, and they will see teamwork in action on the Academy soccer field. Lessons about integrity, honesty, social justice, patience, perseverance, commitment, fun, and focus (the list goes on) are taught as powerfully on the theatrical stage as they are in Calculus class. On top of that, we have a whole lot of fun on school trips, in clubs and on-campus activity days.

Students at the Center

Students are at the heart of everything we do. Our extracurricular programs are part of a “students at the center” philosophy that looks something like this:

  • A student’s first commitment is his or her academic studies. Our tough academic program, advanced (AP) courses, and high standards of ethics and excellence make sure homework, test prep, and class projects are challenging.

  • Students are then expected (yes, expected) to participate in whatever ways they like in a comprehensive list of extracurricular activities, team sports, and arts productions. These teach students small and large group socialization and offer the opportunity to hone leadership skills. At the Academy, if you like to paint, you paint. If you like to debate, you lead the Model UN delegation. If you like to sing, you sign-up for the spring musical. And if we don’t offer a club to suit, you can create it.

  • These pursuits are supported by a family-style community with active parents, mentors and advisors, and an extraordinary and accessible faculty, staff, and coaching team. We know that students can’t do amazing things unless they are surrounded by cheering fans, supportive teachers, and people who root on their success.

  • · All of this is set on a college-style wooded campus with a full sports field and outstanding facilities and technology. We’re very proud to have some of the most beautiful fields on the Island and one of the most inviting and tech-savvy campuses to call home.

  • The Academy’s House System offers each Upper School student the opportunity to be a part of a spirited and close knit group. Named for people in the Academy’s rich history and student led, the Houses offer students the chance to build leadership and mentor younger students. Houses compete annually for the “House Cup” and regular competitions are academic, athletics, artistic and fun.

  • We know, too, that students need access to a greater world. They cannot learn about life ever confined to their school halls. Through the school trip program, the college guidance program, and off-campus service initiatives, students contribute to and prepare for life outside and after the Academy. They even go to London in Grade 9!