House System

Now in its second decade at SIA, the Academy’s House Program provides unique opportunities for members of the Upper School community to share positive interaction at all grade levels and in all academic disciplines and departments.

Our Five Houses

At the program's inception in 2004, five Houses were created, each named for a significant figure in The Academy's long history. We are proud of the people and traditions of our school, which have shaped our development, and our House Program seeks to honor their lasting impact on our school.

House Competitions

Merrick House was the winner of the 2023 House Cup!

The House Cup is a major source of pride on the Academy campus, and students and faculty compete diligently for it. Houses compete throughout the school year in several categories: athletic events such as House basketball, soccer, volleyball, and SAC Day contests; spirited competitions in House Jeopardy!; and artistic endeavors, such as the annual House holiday decorating contest, which transforms our Commons with colorful representations of a variety of different holiday themes and traditions. These events bring the entire Upper School together, providing a safe, fun environment for enjoyable interaction and friendly competition.

While events still play a large role in the overall House program, many other components have developed over the years, significantly enhancing the House experience for the Upper School. Inspired by our Service Learning Initiative, community service is now a major year-end category, with Houses earning points for the number of documented hours served and for the percentage of House members participating in a service endeavor. To encourage and acknowledge House enthusiasm, spirit points are awarded following every event. Combined with GPA and attendance categories, these non-event classifications have helped the House program become a larger part of everyday Upper School life.