Athletic Fields and Gym

Student-athletes at Staten Island Academy have immediate access to green grass and some of the most beautiful playing fields in New York City.

Of the twelve acres that make up Staten Island Academy's campus, half are dedicated to athletics fields, three tennis courts, two swimming pools, a playground, and two outdoor patios.

OJ Buck Gymnasium

The OJ Buck Gymnasium opened in 1965 and is named in honor of OJ Buck, an Academy student-athlete who was tragically killed in World War II. The gymnasium is 95 feet by 75 feet and is the home court of the Academy Tigers Basketball and Volleyball Teams. The Baseball and Softball Teams also use the Gymnasium batting cage for practice, and students from Pre-K through Grade 12 use the gymnasium for PE classes, team sports practices, and dance. The upper level of the gymnasium also includes the Academy Fitness Center, equipped with free and resistance weights, treadmills, and a stretching area, which both students and faculty members may use. The main entrance to the gymnasium is located on Buttonwood Road. See the gymnasium on the interactive campus map.

The Alexander Robbins Steinman ’86 Memorial Field

The Academy fields are named in honor of Alexander Robbins Steinman '86, a beloved Academy graduate and student-athlete killed in the September 11 attacks. The Steinman fields were completely renovated and re-sodded in 2005, thanks to the generosity of the Steinman family. In addition to a small memorial patio, the fields now include a soccer field, baseball diamond, separate softball diamond, and lacrosse field. The fields are large enough that both the Academy Baseball and Softball teams can play at the same time.