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Due to COVID-19, admissions processes have been modified to accommodate these unprecedented conditions, but we are as committed as we have ever been to ensuring that your experiences with our office are of the highest quality, reflecting the school you will come to know. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

For students applying to Grade 6 or 9 in the William Winter Scholarship program, campus visits must be scheduled in advance. No campus shadow visits will be permitted without prior screening and adherence to safety procedures. Your child will be required to receive a COVID-19 test within 5 days of the scheduled shadow visit. For all other grades please contact the Admissions Office directly at 718-303-7802 and we will be happy to schedule a virtual visit.

Lower School
PreK 3 - Grade 4
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5 - 8
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Upper School
9 - 12
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Like the college admissions process, admission to the Academy is part art and part science. There are quantitative ways to measure whether a student will be successful at the Academy, which is why we ask all applicants to take an entrance exam. There are also qualities that are far less tangible on paper -- the potential to fall in love with learning, the curiosity to keep asking questions, and the ability to be a respectful and contributing member of the school community. We interview all applicants so that we can establish a personal relationship with them and their families. In the end, the Academy seeks students who will be successful in the school's rigorous college prep program. Learn more about the admissions process.

Some quick facts:

  • While most of our students come from Staten Island (most ZIP codes), our school community includes students who live in Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey. Thirty five of our students are from outside the US and are living in New York City to study at the Academy.
  • Bus transportation is available.
  • Financial aid is available. Last year the Academy granted over $2.6 million in financial aid awards to over 40% of our students.
  • Almost half of our students (49%) come from public schools, and over 25% come from parochial schools.
  • Our students come a wide variety of backgrounds, all of which are welcomed at the Academy. Learn more about our commitment to diversity



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