Pre-K through 12 Overview

At Staten Island Academy, we believe in our students, first and foremost. We also believe:

Schoolwork should be challenging.

The Academy’s academic curriculum is tough at all grade levels, and we are committed to providing one of the leading academic programs in New York City. Under the direction of our Division Directors, the curriculum is designed to be fully unified from Pre-K3 through Grade 12. What students learn in one grade will be used as a foundation for further growth in the next. The curriculum is also purposefully designed so that new students can use their prior education as a springboard for learning at the Academy.

Students should be at the center of a well-rounded education.

We know that children learn best when their intellectual, creative, emotional, social, and physical growth is nurtured and challenged. Toward that end, the Academy encourages active student participation in extracurricular activities including community service, student government, academic competitions, student clubs, student exchange programs, interscholastic sports, numerous arts programs and productions, and other after-school offerings. These are not just part of student life at the Academy; they are the core of how we educate. Learn more about student life, athletics, and the arts.

Inspiring teachers are the key to making education personal.

At the Academy, our teachers know every single student. Our teachers are leaders in their fields. Above all, our teachers are some of the most incredible educators you will find. Their credentials are tops, and the care and compassion with which they teach ensures that a student’s education is not something taken lightly by anyone. In addition to their outstanding work in the classroom, Academy faculty members are coaches, academic and activity advisers, college advisers, role models and mentors.

Collaboration with Wagner College enhances the academic experience.

The Staten Island Academy (SIA) Higher Education Collaboration Program utilizes the rich educational resources of Wagner College and its faculty to enhance the academic experience of students at Staten Island Academy. In the program, Wagner College faculty and students guide Staten Island Academy faculty and students in a variety of initiatives. The Staten Island Academy Higher Education Collaboration Program impacts students and faculty in grades Pre-K3 through Grades 12. Read more...

Quality education is a collaborative effort between school and family.

The Academy encourages parents to become active participants in the life of the school and in their child’s education. We believe that with a strong parent presence at school events, sports games, theatrical productions, fundraisers, and the like, we teach students that they have the support necessary to succeed. At the same time, it is our goal that all students learn to become independent young adults, and we are intentional about providing parents with the resources and support to let their kids grow up and become self-reliant.

Independent schools offer an exceptional education.

We are proud to be Staten Island’s only independent school and the oldest private school in the borough. As an independent school, the Academy is secular. We are non-public and non-religious. We are also a fully accredited member of the National Association of Independent Schools and the New York State Association of Independent Schools. Learn more about independent schools.