The Laura Elliman Patrick ’52 Academic Resource Center at Staten Island Academy:

The mission of Staten Island Academy’s Patrick Academic Resource Center (PARC) is to support our learning community-at-large by ensuring that all students are assisted in pursuit of their goals of intellectual challenge, academic independence and to become lifelong learners. Understanding that every student has their personal learning style, and each one possesses multiple learning intelligences, we seek to inform and guide our students to identify, understand, and implement effective strategies that will enable them to maximize their learning experience. In collaboration with the faculty, the learning specialists strive to support instruction that respects the diversity of learning styles among our students. With a focus on the three major perceptual pathways of auditory, visual and kinesthetic /tactile learning, all students can be assured of inclusiveness in the learning process. Our students are guided to know themselves as learners and to be self-advocates in achieving their academic goals.


  • Our program is geared toward children with high IQs
  • Our customized approach provides services to children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit, and anxiety
  • We provide emotional support through counseling
  • Our Orton-Gillingham trained specialists are experienced in language-based learning disabilities
  • We provide a fully integrated curriculum

Meet the Team