Collaborating with the Curriculum

The Patrick Academic Resource Center plays a central role in supporting students with their classroom needs here at Staten Island Academy.

Just as the curriculum at all levels at Staten Island Academy focuses on teaching students how to be comprehensive thinkers and problem solvers, at the PARC, we work with students primarily one-to-one and small group instruction to ensure they have the skills and strategies needed to participate fully in class. Strategy instruction may include:

  • Orten-Gillingham based reading decoding
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading fluency
  • Multi-modal approach to math instruction to help learners move from concrete to abstract concepts at all academic levels
  • Organizational strategies for materials, time management, and thought process
  • Developmentally appropriate self-advocacy strategies for Pre-K – college
  • Coping strategies for emotional regulation, behavior, and social needs
  • Goal setting
  • Strategies to assist with the development of motivation, educational engagement, persistence/grit and open mindset approaches that influence learning