Meet the Team

Ms. Corigliano

Ms. Corigliano serves as the Assistant Head of School, as well as the Director of the Middle School. She continues to coach and teach because she feels it is important to maintain a connection to students and faculty by continuing to work in the classroom and on the court.

Ms. Corigliano has a Professional Diploma in Educational Administration and Supervision, a Master of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading, and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Speech Communication. She takes advantage of professional development opportunities like online courses at Harvard University and is a NAIS Fellow for Aspiring School Heads.

Educating the “whole child” is the foundation of her educational philosophy. She believes that a top-notch school should offer all of its students a variety of comprehensive programs in Humanities, Math, Sciences, Athletics, Arts, Technology and community-based service opportunities, while fostering intellectual, creative, social and physical development. Ms. Corigliano thinks that it is important to encourage students to participate actively in an educational community and promote ethical leadership, self-reliance, and critical thinking. She believes that a school community should foster the strengths of a diverse citizenry, celebrate cultural differences, individual interests, and personal talents of the student body.

Ms. Rizzo

Ms. Rizzo has been at Staten Island Academy since 2002 and serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Middle School and Director of Middle School. She is responsible for assisting the Middle School faculty, students, and generally serving as the "heart and soul" of the Middle School in Kearns Hall. Ms. Rizzo also serves as the Academy Bus and Senior Service Coordinators.

Of her role, Ms. Rizzo says, "What I love most about my job is a no-brainer. Being around the kids. They really make my day! And I feel like I learn so much from them. They just make me laugh. I have wonderful colleagues, as well, who treat me as an equal and part of the whole Middle School Team. I’m so lucky to be exactly where I am."