Grades 1-4 Curriculum

The Lower School curriculum is integrated with a belief that differentiated learning allows everyone to participate to their fullest potential.

Using Singapore Math in conjunction with classroom teachers and math specialists, we have been able to create an enriched math program that is both challenging and rewarding. The Orton Gillingham approach in our classrooms is the perfect way to support and reinforce our Lucy Calkins Reading Writing Workshop program. Through an in-depth exposure to a variety of authentic reading and writing styles, we have seen tremendous growth in our student’s writing skills.

Through particular units of study, our curriculum takes a thorough look at specific themes, rather than covering broad topics. Students explore these themes across areas of study, including Reading, Writing, Art, Music, Integrated Productions, Library, Technology, and MakerSpace. In addition, students have specialized classes in Science, Sign Language, Physical Education, and Team Building.

  • Grade 1, Staten Island Academy's History, Local Communities, My Neighborhood
  • Grade 2, Staten Island Study, The Five Boroughs: A Social and Cultural Study
  • Grade 3, Immigration, Western Expansion in the United States
  • Grade 4, Regents of the United States of America and Map Skills

More About Themed Units