As an independent, co-ed, college prep school, Staten Island Academy puts much emphasis on its college guidance program.

All Academy graduates go to an outstanding four-year college thanks to their hard work and commitment during their time here and across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Students approach the college admissions process from very different points of view based on their personal and family experiences. Our program philosophy focuses on the individual student. A college search process is tailored to each student based on the qualities they are looking for in a school, their academic performance, and extracurricular interests and record. We expect our students to have high aspirations, and our task is to help students achieve those ambitions with an individualized approach and plan. Our ultimate goal is that each student is happy with his or her college choice and is excited to embark on the next chapter of their lives.


The Academy’s full 14-year curriculum is designed with college preparation in mind. Starting from a young age, lessons learned inside and outside the classroom allow students to enjoy their studies in the present and prepare diligently for the future. Students meet and far exceed New York State requirements for high school graduation and may take up to six advanced placement (AP) classes during Grades 11-12. AP classes allow students to earn credits toward their college degree from right here at the Academy.

Led by the former President of the New York State Association for College Admission Counseling, the College Guidance Program offers students a full support network including its Director, individually-assigned Senior Advisors, and teachers who advocate on their behalf through comprehensive letters of recommendation and conversations with college admissions professionals.

The Academy expects that students take ownership of the college process from start to finish. All student responsibilities in this process are clearly articulated and reinforced throughout Upper School. For our seniors, having outstanding college choices will be the natural result of their hard work and the rich academic and extracurricular experience of our school.