Welcome to Staten Island Academy!

We are a Pre-K3 through Grade 12 school that produces young people of high character, whose curiosity, knowledge and goodness blend together to help form a foundation for future leadership. Our dedicated faculty instills in each and every one of our charges a self-confidence that allows them to dare to stretch limits and dream. As advocated by the Harvard School of Education, we want our students to arrive at unexpected answers, ask unfamiliar questions and seek fresh ways of thinking. We believe that in order for students to maximize the highest qualities of their minds they must have the time to play with ideas.

We have adopted the Design Thinking Model of Education where students are taught to proto-type and reevaluate the processes of learning, with the hope that temporary failure in attempting to solve unfamiliar problems can always lead to opportunities to learn and improve. Our students persevere! Moreover, as we keep moving into this century, we want to prepare our students for the integration of the technological world with the organic world by embracing the makerspace movement, coding and robotics, and, in no time at all, virtual reality. You will also see that we have a real commitment to globalization at the Academy. Our entire Grade 9 class travels to London, England for a week of study and culture, at no additional cost, as this is part of the Grade 9 curriculum. Our Grade 10 students experience the same kind of trip in New York City, where we get to explore and plumb the cultural riches of our surrounding environs.

Our students are admitted to the finest colleges and universities in the country and receive many accolades, both internally and externally. We are very proud of them! But, if you were to ask them what they treasure most, they inevitably will tell you: kindness. We pride ourselves in being a place where kindness, tolerance and collaboration trump personal accolades. We take great pride in each other’s successes. We are a school where we encourage students to “do it all!” It is common for an Academy student to earn honor grades, captain an athletic team and be a lead actor in our theater program. Furthermore, once enrolled, students become members of one of five Houses at the Academy that compete throughout the year for the singular honor of winning the House Cup competition . . . Harry Potter has nothing on us!

The moment families visit our twelve-acre campus, they instantly feel the goodness and joy that permeates through to the whole community. Each and every one of our students is empowered by the development of their fine imaginations and intellects, so that they will love every step of their learning process. Our ultimate aim is to create life-long learners that will be able to know clearly, serve humbly and lead firmly.

We hope to see you on our campus soon!